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There are imperfections we all see in the mirror we’d like to change in some way. Some things are minor and easily taken care of with a facial or quick trip to the dermatologist. Others may require some hard work like exercise and diet. But what about that double chin that seems to be resistant to exercise and diet? Call the Cosmetic Vein & Laser Center in Williamsville, NY and ask about the transformative solution: Kybella.

The Stubborn Double Chin

If you look in the mirror and see a layer of fat under your chin that doesn’t match how hard you exercise or how healthy you eat, you could have a double chin. A double chin is also called submental fat and appears as a pocket of fat under the chin that causes your jawline to look heavy and undefined.

This pocket of fat is notoriously stubborn to diet and exercise, so no matter how committed you are to keeping a healthy weight, it may not go away on its own. You may have recently lost some weight and noticed that this pocket of fat is making it harder to show off all your hard work. What causes this difficult-to-address feature?

Causes of a Double Chin

There are a surprising number of contributing factors to a double chin. This first and most obvious cause is simply being overweight. Like any other place on the body, you’ll hold extra fat under your chin if you’re over your ideal weight.


If you look around and see your family members have double chins, you’re more likely to develop one. Even if you don’t have one now, keep an eye on it and just know it may have nothing to do with your weight and everything to do with your genetics. It could also be your family has a naturally low level of the protein elastin.

Elastin keeps your skin flexible, so it’s able to keep fat pads adhered tightly to underlying tissue and bone structure. The less you have, the most obvious this fat pocket will be.


There’s a good chance we’re going to have an entire generation of people with double chins. Why? Because the poor posture that comes from leaning over smartphones, tablets, and laptops can weaken muscles in the neck and chin. It can also gradually cause surrounding fat to slip forward and down, settling under the chin.


There are very few changes in our appearance that don’t somehow tie back to the aging process, and this is no exception. As we age, our skin loses elasticity, and that can make that extra fat pocket more obvious.

Another way age plays a role in a double chin is how the rest of the fat in our faces redistributes over time. The fat that keeps features like our cheeks and cheekbones prominent and in place slips as our skin loses structure and settles in the bottom part of our faces, including near and under our chin.


There are claims out there that certain neck and facial exercises will eliminate a double chin, but we’ve yet to meet one that works. It used to be the only way a person could eliminate a double chin was liposuction or a neck lift. These are both invasive procedures that carry with them associate risk and extensive downtime. Now, we’re able to offer a minimally invasive treatment that requires no downtime and that can permanently reduce or eliminate the appearance of a double chin.

What Is Kybella?

Kybella is an injectable made exclusively to target the submental fat of a double chin. Its active ingredient is synthetic deoxycholic acid: a naturally occurring molecule that helps the body break down and absorb dietary fat. When we inject Kybella into the treatment area, it targets fat cells and destroys the cell walls. The dead fat cells are then naturally absorbed by the body. When these fat cells are destroyed, they’re gone and can’t grow back.

Top Reasons to Try Kybella

If you’re on the fence about whether this is the treatment for you, we’ve compiled all the reasons our clients seek this treatment and the results the rave about.

You Look Younger

There are certain things that give our age away fairly quickly. Sagging skin under the chin is one of them. The extra bulk under the chin can create an aged appearance, but it doesn’t need to. A lot of how young we feel is tied to how we look.

A smooth, tight jawline adds to a youthful appearance. People who know you will think you’ve discovered the fountain of youth when you go from a double chin to a sculpted profile.

You Look Slimmer

No matter how thin you are or how well you take care of yourself, a double chin can make you look heavier than you are. It’s not always the amount of fat that contributes to a heavier appearance, but where the fat is located. After treatment, many clients say they’re constantly asked if they’ve lost weight. The amount of fat people lose isn’t significant, but the area from which it is removed makes all the difference in a slimmer appearance.

It Boosts Confidence

When you look great, you feel great. If you’ve developed a double chin because of aging, this can take a toll on your self-confidence. Regaining your youthful appearance can do wonders for how you feel about yourself and the way you face the world around you. If you felt you had to wear scarves or high necked shirts to mask your double chin, you’ll now feel great wearing low neck and warm weather clothing.

Feeling confident in clothing and being able to change wardrobes as the weather changes will only continue to improve your self-esteem.

It’s Minimally Invasive

There are no knives involved to get the sculpted look you want. Unlike surgical treatments or liposuction, this is simple and straightforward. You won’t have scars from incisions and won’t be required to take valuable time away from your busy schedule because of recovery time. There are no extensive pre-treatment instructions or worries about anesthesia or how to finance the price tag of a full medical operation.

This fast, safe and easy treatment removes a double chin without ever needing to consult a surgeon. Because this treatment is done in the comfort of our office, there’s no downtime. You can literally return to your normal routine from our office, including returning to the office after a lunchtime appointment.

You Get Gradual But Permanent Results

The fat we target is gone for good. Even if you gain weight in the future, those fat cells won’t expand because they don’t exist anymore. We stop reproducing fat cells in our teens, so no new ones can replace them. Once you’re done with treatment and get the results you want, you will enjoy permanent fat removal.

Another bonus our clients love is that results are gradual. People will remark about how great you look, not about the “work” you’ve had done. Over time, the fat cells will slowly dissolve and be absorbed so your jawline appears to slowly sculpt itself. Many people say it’s like they wake up one day and have the jawline of their youth.

It’s Safe

Kybella is completely safe and FDA approved. The FDA found it safe for use on submental fat in 2015. Unlike surgery and anesthesia and their inherent risks, this is just a series of injections. Since its release, it’s been safely and successfully used on hundreds of thousands of people. Kybella is administered by one of our doctors, who takes great care to make sure each treatment is not only safe but also comfortable.

What to Expect

During your consultation, we’ll take our time to discuss your areas of concern and the kinds of results you’d like to see. We’ll examine the area and talk through your health history to make sure this is the right treatment for you. Once we decide Kybella will get you the results you’re looking for, there are only a few instructions.

First among them is to avoid unprotected time in the sun for about a week before treatment. We also ask that you stop taking blood-thinning over-the-counter medications like ibuprofen, aspirin, and naproxen sodium and supplements like fish oil, ginseng, and Gingko Biloba. Not taking these medications for a week or two before treatment will lower an already small likelihood of bruising.


When you arrive for your appointment, we’ll cover the treatment area in a numbing cream to make sure you’re comfortable through your time in our office. Once your skin is numb, we make a series of shallow injections to the treatment area. Once we’ve completed the injections, you’re free to go back to your routine with zero downtime.

After Treatment

The post-treatment instructions are a lot like those of pre-treatment. Don’t spend time in the sun for a few weeks because it can aggravate the injection sites. Avoid any abrasive treatments to the area like chemical peels or microneedling.


Results appear gradually over the four to six weeks after treatment. Many of our clients can get the results they want after just one appointment, but others may need multiple treatments spaced eight to ten weeks apart. One session can’t target every single fat cell under your chin, so if you’ve got a moderate to severe double chin, you may need more than one appointment.

We’ll talk through a good follow up schedule for you once your full results are realized six weeks after your last treatment. The best part? Once you’ve reached the results you’re looking for, you won’t need any follow-up treatments because destroyed fat cells can’t grow back. If you gain over 20 pounds, the fat cells that surround the area may swell and can make it look like the area has gained weight, though it hasn’t.

Who Is a Good Candidate?

The good news about this treatment is how well tolerated it is by most people. Only a consultation with one of our doctors can really determine if this is the right treatment for you. If you’re in generally good health and aren’t pregnant or nursing, this could be a great solution for you. We’ll talk through all your options and make the appropriate recommendation.

The Solution You’ve Been Looking for

If you’ve been struggling with a double chin and have tried diet and exercise without success, this could be the answer you’ve been hoping for. You can take control of your appearance and get the profile you’ve always wanted. Call the Cosmetic Vein & Laser Center in Williamsville, NY to schedule your consultation. We’re committed to helping each of our clients look and feel their best. We know when your self-confidence is high, there’s nothing you’re not capable of!

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