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The One-of-a-Kind Sweat Solution

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The Cosmetic Vein & Laser Center specializes in the MiraDry System, which is the only FDA-cleared treatment that can dramatically reduce underarm sweat and odor by addressing the root cause. The results are PERMANENT, IMMEDIATE and NON-SURGICAL.

What if we told you there is absolutely no reason you have to put up with underarm sweat and odor? It’s a radical concept, but it’s true. You were born with approximately 2 million sweat glands throughout your body and your underarms only contain about 2% of those glands. Eliminating the 2% does not affect your body’s ability to naturally cool itself. You are not alone. Around 1 in 10 people in the U.S. alone suffer from excessive sweat.

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How Does MiraDry Work?

The Cosmetic Vein & Laser Center uses MiraDry, the FDA-cleared excessive sweating device, which releases a specific type of energy that targets and destroys the sweat and odor glands in the underarms. Once those glands are destroyed, they cannot grow back. MiraDry is a permanent treatment that eliminates sweat glands in the underarm area and also has the added benefit of reducing underarm odor and underarm hair growth. Approximately 60% of hair growth is removed with this excessive sweating treatment (any color hair or skin color).

MiraDry is about you…

  • Feeling confident that your favorite shirt will not become wet with excess perspiration.
  • Feeling secure instead of revealing anxiety, nervousness, or discomfort on a date, in business, in social events, or when working out.
  • Never having to worry about darker outfits with chalky-white antiperspirant marks.
  • Not having concerns about the unpleasant odor of perspiration affecting your confidence.
  • Feeling clean, confident, and carefree for the long term.
  • Feeling fresh, all day long.
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What to Expect During Your Treatment? 

You will meet with our experienced Physician Assistant, Bridget Burruano, who has been with The Cosmetic Vein & Laser Center for over ten years. Everything you need to know about the excessive sweating treatment will be reviewed with you at the time of your consultation and all of your questions will be answered.

During your MiraDry treatment, you will lie down in one of our comfortable chairs. The physician assistant will mark the area with a special grid pattern to ensure optimal results. To make sure you are comfortable during the treatment, she will administer local anesthesia to your underarm area. A special handpiece will then be applied to the underarm. You may feel the pressure from the suction; however, most patients have stated that they feel nothing during the treatment, or just a slight sting or warming sensation. Your entire treatment at The Cosmetic Vein & Laser Center will be approximately 90 minutes. Most people need only one MiraDry treatment and experience substantial improvements in their symptoms.

What is the
Recovery Time?

Our MiraDry treatment has no downtime, and you are free to return to your usual schedule once the procedure is complete; however, we do ask that you refrain from vigorous exercise for a few days after your treatment. You will experience numbness in your underarm area for several hours. We recommend applying an ice pack to the area (wrapped in a towel) to reduce the swelling.

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Excessive Underarm Sweating?
We can help.

Is MiraDry Right
for me?

Excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis) can lead to embarrassment and limit what you wear and what you do. If you struggle with excessive sweating in the underarm area, this groundbreaking treatment is right for you. MiraDry is a life changing treatment for many people who suffer from excessive underarm sweating. Schedule your consultation today with our physician assistant to be sweat free and enjoy your life more fully starting now.

Why Choose the Cosmetic
Vein & Laser Center?

CVLC is a results-driven aesthetic team offering a comprehensive approach to cosmetic dermatology and vein care for over 25 years. From the front office to the back and back up to the front again, the entire team is known for their genuine care and charisma.

They have a clinical culture of being WNY’s “Fixers” and this is not by chance. Both leading physicians derive deep gratification in solving problems for patients that no one else can — by utilizing their vast array of options, aligning those options to their expertise and thinking creatively to achieve remarkable results.

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Amazing team! Staff will call you back right away and set up an appointment. Bridget-PA is very nice! She explained everything to me about what to expect before and after MiraDry procedure.


Warm and comforting environment, all staff extremely nice, welcoming and helpful. Dr. Brauer was attentive, thorough and very knowledgeable. Made me feel at ease during the consultation, explained each treatment and what to expect.


Dr. Brauer and her Medical Assistant Carrie took care of me. I was a little nervous, but they helped me feel at ease as they were able to do my procedures the same day of the consult. The office staff were kind & the waiting area was very comfortable...

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