These connective bands pull down the skin, allowing the fat to bulge upward, creating the dimples and bumps on the skin's surface. When treated with Cellfina, the bands are released, allowing the skin to bounce back to a smooth appearance in as little as three days.

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Why Choose CVLC for Cellfina?

CVLC provides world-class patient care delivered with a human touch. Dr. Buscaglia is a pioneering laser physician with unsurpassed expertise in comprehensive vein and aesthetic treatments. Dr. Brauer’s outstanding skills and artistry are combined with an intuitive, patient-centric approach. Together, the doctors synergistically created a leading skincare sanctuary in Western New York that has built a reputation for unsurpassed excellence. Their commitment to and mastery of advanced, cutting-edge technology allows them to treat complex ailments that no other providers are able to solve. Each treatment plan is highly specific to the client’s needs and their desired results, enhancing both confidence and quality of life.

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What Is Cellfina? Does It Work?

If you feel less confident due to cellulite on the buttocks and thighs, Cellfina may be the ideal treatment for you. This groundbreaking treatment involves a minimally invasive device that disrupts the connective band at each dimple or bumpy skin surface. The band is severed by the device, allowing the skin to smooth. The custom treatment does not typically cause bleeding, and only minor bruising. 

About 25 cellulite dimples can be treated in about one hour. If you dream of being able to reveal your thighs with confidence, Cellfina is the most effective treatment for cellulite dimples. You can experience smooth, dimple-free thighs and buttocks, at last! Cellfina does what no creams, lotions, or devices have been able to do in the real world – it addresses the underlying condition, rapidly and effectively.

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Your Treatment Experience

The FDA-cleared Cellfina cellulite treatment typically takes less than an hour and is performed by Dr. Brauer in our luxurious, private clinic. You will be resting comfortably, in privacy, during the procedure, under the care of a physician who is kind, positive, and affirming.

At CVLC, we focus on ensuring our patients are comfortable, cared for, and pain-free. The first step is numbing the area with local anesthesia. Once the region is numbed, each dimple is treated individually, which may take from 30 to 60 minutes, depending on the individual. Once completed, you are free to return home to rest and recover, which is generally within 24 hours. In about three days, you will see the treated area now smoother and dimple-free – and results can last up to three years!

What Is The Recovery Time After Cellfina?

This non-invasive procedure comes with minimal recovery time. You will likely experience some bruising in the areas treated, but this side effect fades quickly, and you should feel well enough to return to work or play within one or two days at most. Wearing a compression garment can help speed your recovery and help the area smooth very evenly. Every person heals at a slightly different rate, but a full recovery typically takes a few days to two weeks.

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Benefits of Cellfina

Cellulite affects most people. In fact, about 90 percent of women have cellulite. This condition is very difficult to resolve, and no diet, exercise, or cream can effectively treat it. 

Cellfina works to treat the cause of cellulite dimples – the connective bands of tissue. Once released, the skin smooths out. Benefits include:

  • FDA cleared 
  • Minimally invasive
  • Takes only an hour
  • Minimal recovery time – 24 hours
  • Lasting results
  • Dimples disappear within 3 days

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