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Everyone would like to look and feel their best. Unfortunately, even with strict adherence to a good diet and a rigorous exercise program, it is difficult to control where your body stores fat. The result is that many people develop unsightly fat deposits that are resistant to any effort to remove them. If you are a healthy, active person with a few problem areas, you might be a good candidate for CoolSculpting. The Cosmetic Vein and Laser Center in Williamsville, NY are your body sculpting experts.

Do You Lose Weight With CoolSculpting?

If you are considering body sculpting, it’s important to go into the treatment with realistic expectations. Although you will lose a bit of weight, it should not be considered a weight-loss technique. The treatment is not recommended for people who are obese and who seek a treatment for massive weight loss. In those instances, gastric stapling is a much more effective method for achieving a healthy weight. Body sculpting is for treating problematic stores of fat on otherwise fit and active individuals.

A good way to think of body sculpting is like adding the final touches to a wood sculpture with sandpaper. The treatment allows you much greater control over your aesthetic and can let you re-form the lines of your body. Clinical studies have shown that this treatment can result in a 20% to 30% reduction in fat in target areas.

Targeted Fat Reduction

We often forget that a healthy layer of fat is a fundamental component of a sexy and youthful look. Fat helps smooth out and emphasize your curves and can provide you with the kind of dynamic silhouette that earns compliments and turns heads. Diet and exercise are both very effective in reducing your overall fat percentage. The problem with diet and exercise is that it is difficult to control what fat stores your body will burn in exercise.

It is not always possible to target body areas with exercise. Fat stores under the chin or on the cheeks, for example, are very difficult to burn off in the gym. Men who suffer from Gynecomastia, or man boobs, often find that they are unable to
alleviate their condition through diet or exercise. In some cases, rigorous exercise routines result in the reduction of fat in areas where people would prefer to maintain their curves while failing to reduce fat from the problematic target areas.

Control Over Your Look

There is nothing more frustrating than denying yourself your favorite foods and sticking to a strenuous gym schedule only to fail to see any reduction in your target areas. Many people become so frustrated by unsightly pockets of fat that they experience a tremendous lack of motivation, and can even fall into depression. The advances in body sculpting mean that you no longer have to give up and just live with an unsightly fat pocket that displeases you.

Non-Surgical Treatment

One of the most attractive elements of body sculpting is that it is a non-surgical method for reducing problematic fat storage areas. Treatments like liposuction also offer you the opportunity to target and remove fat areas, but they entail behavioral restrictions to allow for recuperation time. With CoolSculpting, you can leave your clinical appointment and immediately return to your regular daily schedule.

No Interruption to Your Routine

The secret to success for any health and fitness routine is to make it habitual. Exercising and following a good diet needs to become as commonplace as brushing your teeth. Once you get into a routine, it is easy to work towards results, and it is much easier to maintain a routine than to start one. Because of this, body sculpting is a great option because it allows you to reshape your body without causing an interruption to your normal activities.

There is a massive benefit to any treatment that can integrate seamlessly into your existing schedule. We understand that the demands of work and family always seem to erode your time for self-care. We aspire to provide you with a service that will leave you looking great at a minimal inconvenience to you. With body sculpting, you can schedule an appointment over your lunch break, and return to work afterward with none the wiser. It is the perfect treatment for active people who are constantly on the go.

The Process Behind CoolSculpting

The process behind body sculpting was discovered when two doctors, Dieter Manstein and Rox Anderson, noticed that children who ate popsicles tended to develop dimples. They concluded that prolonged exposure to cold temperatures must have the capacity to reduce subcutaneous fat cells. It should be noted that the inspiration for this discovery is also proof that it is safe and painless. After all, children never complain of enduring any discomfort when they eat a popsicle.


Cryolipolysis is the name for the underlying scientific principle which is the driving force behind body sculpting. The basic principle functions because of the biochemistry of your body’s tissues. Fat cells are oil-based cells, while the surrounding tissue is water-based. Water is such a commonplace compound that we often forget that it has miraculous properties.

One of the most important properties of water is that it has an extremely high heat capacity. This is why you have to expose water to heat for such a long time to get it to boil. Water can hold so much heat energy, it also takes a long exposure to cold temperatures in order to provoke cooling. The same is not true with your oil based fat cells. This is why prolonged exposure to cold does not harm your skin or muscles, but it can provoke cell death in your layer of subcutaneous fat.

A Painless Treatment

The process takes around forty minutes to an hour, and we might recommend consecutive sessions if you have a large treatment area. Our clients describe the treatment as painless. There is a brief sensation of cold at the beginning that some have described as similar to the shock of jumping into a pool. But as with a pool, your body quickly adjusts and you are comfortable throughout the rest of the session.

How Is the Fat Removed?

Your fat cells begin to die immediately after treatment, although the best results won’t be visible for a few weeks after your session. This is because the treatment relies on natural processes to expel the dead fat cells as waste. The process is completely natural and healthy and does not inflict any undue stress on your body.

Many clients enjoy taking regular daily photos of themselves to gauge the process. We’ve also found that the steady, prolonged fat reduction offers a delightful psychological boost as you continue with your gym routine or other weight loss programs.

Does the Fat Return?

The fat cells that are removed through this treatment are killed and never return. However, it is possible that you will regain fat in the same areas if you undergo another period of weight gain. It is also important to consider that the body changes where and how it stores fat as you age.

A good example is how people have pockets of “baby fat” in their youth which are lost and do not return as part of the natural process of aging. Every person is different, and many people have found body sculpting to be an effective way of treating unsightly fat deposits that have proven resistant to all other methods.

How Many Treatments Are Necessary?

Many individuals experience exactly the results they were hoping for in as little as one treatment. Some people are so enamored by the effectiveness, ease, and comfort of body sculpting that they incorporate it as a part of their regular health and beauty program.

If you would like additional treatments on a problem area, we can design a treatment schedule that will provide you with the greatest possible benefit. Also, if you have a special event coming up like a wedding or graduation, we can design a schedule that will have you looking your best on your designated target date.

The Consultation and Appointment

The consultation is your opportunity to have all your questions answered. We recommend that you come in with notes because it’s easy to forget to ask questions when you are exposed to a lot of information, and we want you to feel comfortable and safe before moving on to the next step.

At your consultation, we will evaluate whether you are a good candidate for CoolSculpting or if you would benefit from further preparation before scheduling an appointment. We want you to succeed, and the consultation is where we begin writing a plan that is perfect for you.

The Appointment

On the day of your appointment, we recommend that you dress in comfortable, loose-fitting clothing like you might wear on an airplane for a long trip. If you are coming from work, we recommend a change of clothing. We often apply a gel to your skin, and a change of clothing helps prevent this gel from getting on your work clothes. We also recommend a light meal so that you feel satisfied and comfortable throughout the treatment.

At your appointment, we will apply special applicators to the treatment area. The applicators are boxes that range from about the size of a deck of cards to the size of a loaf of bread. These applicators consist of a vacuum element that helps pull the subcutaneous fat near the surface of your skin and a cooling element that helps lower the temperature. Once the applicators are applied, you cannot remove them until the end of your treatment.

Entertainment and Comfort

During the treatment, you can sit on a cushion surrounded by pillows and watch television, read a book, or operate a mobile device. After your treatment has concluded, we will remove the applicators, allow you to clean up, and you can return to your day with minimal restrictions on your activities. You can think of your body sculpting appointment as a relaxing trip to a day spa, and you will be absolutely thrilled with the results.

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You will lose weight when you come in for your body sculpting treatment, but it’s important to understand that this is not a weight-loss procedure. Instead, body sculpting allows you to take control over when and where unsightly stores of fat are removed from your body.

Everybody deserves to achieve the look they’ve always dreamed of, and body sculpting allows you unprecedented, painless, non-surgical control. To schedule a CoolSculpting consultation, contact the Cosmetic Vein and Laser Center in Williamsville, NY today!

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