Cosmetic Ultrasound Therapy

High frequency ultrasonic vibrations are used to help penetrate deep into pores and hair follicles to break up old skin cells, secretions and oily blockages.  Also, skin metabolism may be increased which improves lymph flow leading to more rapid removal of skin waste products. The more waste products removed the better penetration and absorption of your skin care products. Deep tissue micro massage improves skin tone, softness and texture. All combined, these create younger looking skin.


Does Cosmetic Ultrasound Therapy Hurt?
Most patients say they feel a sensation of warmth during Cosmetic Ultrasound Therapy 

How Long Does Cosmetic Ultrasound Therapy Take?
Treatment time for Cosmetic Ultrasound Therapy is usually 5-15 minutes for full face

What Is The Goal Of Cosmetic Ultrasound Therapy?
To enhance penetration of cosmoseuticals such as antioxidants, collagen stimulants and bleaching agents.