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An individual may want to think about having a mole removed for a variety of reasons, ranging from simple embarrassment by the appearance of the mole to concerns about one’s health because of the mole’s presence. It’s perfectly safe to have moles removed if the work is done by a professional. At The Cosmetic Vein & Laser Center, our laser mole removal procedures are effective and safe. There are, however, some details to know about the process itself.

How Laser Mole Removal Functions

Mole removal using lasers is often very straightforward and is completed quickly in the comfort of our office. Patients are given a local anesthetic in the area near the mole and remain awake for the fast, easy process. Our professionals use a laser to remove the unwanted mole, and then they use laser light to blend the treated area in with the surrounding skin so that it has the same visual appearance.

Laser Removals Benefits

Laser mole removal is fast, simple, and efficient. One can have their treatment taken care of as an outpatient procedure and then get back to their daily activities. These quick and reliable procedures are a great way to remove moles that have become unwanted or that are a medical risk.

Reasons to Consider Laser Removal

Individuals who have a mole that has scalloped edges, that is painful, that is growing, that changes in shape or size over time, or that is inconsistent in color may want to have the area evaluated by a professional. If the mole needs to be removed, laser removal is a good option as it allows for fast, convenient removal and lets the area heal quickly.

This type of removal also works well for moles or skin tags that are in an inconvenient location on the body, such as a mole that one finds they frequently cut or irritate while shaving, that is in the way when applying makeup, or that is rubbed by clothing or shoes. In general, if a mole is making you uncomfortable or you do not like the way it appears, it may be time to consider having it professionally removed.

For more information about mole removal, call the experts at The Cosmetic Vein & Laser Center in Williamsville, NY. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!

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