Sweating is a naturally-occurring bodily function that helps your body regulate temperature by removing excess heat. Unfortunately, like many functions of the body, this function can happen when you don’t want it to, or even when it’s not necessary. Excessive sweating, also known as hyperhidrosis, can even be driven by emotions such as anger and anxiety. There are many solutions that work to stop underarm sweating, including the innovative miraDry®. The experts at The Cosmetic Vein and Laser Center can help explain your options further.

There are over 2 million sweat glands located in the body. However, the apocrine glands, the most efficient sweat producers in the body, are located under the arms. Sweat itself is odorless. But when bacteria on the skin and hair metabolize the proteins and fatty acids in the sweat, an unpleasant scent is produced, and yellow stains can develop on clothing.

Preventing and controlling underarm sweat is not only a practice of good hygiene; It can also improve your comfort throughout the day. For those who tend to sweat more than others, there are many ways to prevent excessive underarm sweating. Here are some methods you can try to stop underarm sweating:

1. Antiperspirant Deodorant

Most of us wear deodorant regularly, but there is a special kind of deodorant that can help stop underarm sweating. Antiperspirants use aluminum chloride to prevent sweat production. This will help keep your underarms fresh. However, aluminum chloride can cause irritation for some, so this option is not for everyone.

2. Understand Your Emotions

Many routine situations in life can cause anxiety. For some, anxiety itself can cause excessive underarm sweating. Do what you can to know what your anxiety triggers are and learn ways to take control of your anxiety. Even if you can’t control it, you can still plan for it by knowing your triggers.

3. Wear Breathable Materials

You can also stop underarm sweating by making some adjustments to your closet. Some clothing can make you more prone to sweat. Looser clothing made of natural fabrics such as cotton, wool, hemp, silk or linen often have a looser fit and better airflow than synthetics. This is because the clothing allows more air to pass through to your skin. However, these fabrics also absorb moisture much easier.

4. Reduce Stress

There any many healthy ways to reduce stress. Proper sleep, a healthy diet, and daily exercise are just a few things that can be added to your routine to reduce stress in an attempt to stop underarm sweating.

5. Try miraDry®

miraDry® is a new treatment that safely and effectively reduces underarm sweating. It is the first and only non-invasive treatment used to eliminate your underarm sweat and odor glands. miraDry® is also FDA-approved.

Performed right in our office, miraDry® takes about one hour to complete. After the treatment is finished, you can expect to see results immediately.

miraDry® uses energy that targets and eliminates sweat and odor glands in your underarms. Since the This one-time treatment is effective, and permanent, as the glands will not return after treatment.

While there are many ways to avoid excessive underarm sweating, miraDry® is the only 100% effective, permanent solution. Get back to wearing the clothes you like to wear and worry less about sweat stains, and underarm odors during your day to day routine.

We’ll be more than happy to help you learn more about your options at Cosmetic Vein & Laser Center in Williamsville. For more information about our miraDry® treatment for excessive underarm sweating, contact us for an initial consultation today!

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