It can be disappointing to spend money on at-home treatments that promise to remove stretch marks and not see any results. The truth is that stretch marks are extremely difficult to treat, especially using creams, rollers, and other at-home methods. Thankfully, there are professional treatments that do give people results. We would like to tell you about the Fraxel treatments that we use for stretch mark removal.

Stretch marks usually appear as white, red, or even silver streaks on the skin. They are located in the middle layer of the skin, which is called the dermis. The two main things that cause these marks to appear are pregnancy and rapidly gaining or losing weight. These things make the dermis breakdown, which causes the stretch marks to appear.

Using Fraxel Lasers for Stretch Mark Removal

At-home treatments usually only affect the top layers of skin. Creams are only going to be able to penetrate down to just the first couple layers of skin. This is part of the reason why at-home treatments are not effective. As we mentioned, the stretch marks are actually located in the middle layer of the skin. While they are difficult to treat, under the care of a professional, individuals may be able to say goodbye to these marks for good.

The Fraxel laser is a good method to use for reducing or completely removing stretch marks. It targets the damaged blood vessels without doing any damage to the rest of the skin. The laser basically creates micro-injuries in the skin, which means that collagen will begin to grow in the area. It allows the skin to heal itself in a way that looks much better than it did before.

When micro-injuries are created in a controlled way, they promote healing. Small areas are damaged, and everything else is left intact. Multiple treatments using the Fraxel laser may help individuals who want to see a reduction in the appearance of their stretch marks.

You may never see your stretch marks go away on their own. They will become less visible over time as they fade. However, the texture of your skin is always going to be exactly the same. Fraxel lasers can improve the appearance of stretch marks by up to 75 percent.

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