Moles are extremely common, but many people choose to have their moles removed. The Cosmetic Vein & Laser Center is sensitive to the reasons you may want to remove your mole but have concerns about home removals. Here are some top reasons you should contact us about laser mole removal before trying to remove your mole at home.

Removal Creams Can Damage Skin

Removal creams that you find on store shelves, or online, are corrosive. If they aren’t used properly, they can cause pits in your skin that leaves scars and make it obvious that there was a removal attempt. It is far better to seek out a dermatologist in Buffalo, NY to get assistance with your removal. Laser mole removal is a better choice because it gives you the appearance that the mole was never there to begin with.

You Can Avoid Infection

When you attempt a home or all-natural treatment, you face the risk of infection at the removal site. A dermatologist has the correct equipment and supplies to avoid infection and ensure a healthy removal. It will save you a lot of time and money later on if you are in a sterile environment to have laser mole removal.

Your Mole Could Grow Back

Nothing is worse than an attempt to get rid of a mole naturally only to have it come back. It’s also a sign of melanoma and would require a dermatologist to treat you anyway. It would be far better to contact a dermatologist in Buffalo, NY for your mole removal so that you can be made aware of potential melanoma.

It Could Be Cancerous

No one wants to worry about skin cancer, but when you opt to have a laser mole removal the dermatologist will be able to determine if you have any pre-cancerous skin cells that need to be addressed. It’s the perfect setting for you to tackle the issue head-on. Unfortunately, at home treatments will not be able to give you a warning.

You Can Avoid Anxiety

Plenty of people who have moles have anxiety around their appearance. Trying to treat them at home with a cream or solution can add to that anxiety. There are times where allowing an expert to handle a situation for you is best. Getting mole removal done by a dermatologist will alleviate your anxiety.

Rather than taking your chances with home treatments, isn’t it time to consider laser mole removal and contact the experts at the Cosmetic Vein & Laser Center in Buffalo, NY to discuss your initial consultation?

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