Facial Vein Laser Treatment

Lasers are sources of high-energy focused light. Certain lasers, called vascular lasers, are designed to target a component of blood called hemoglobin. Vascular lasers destroy the blood vessel leaving the surrounding tissue unharmed. The doctors and staff at CVLC use the latest non-scarring and non-bruising laser treatments (Cynergy™ Multiplex pulsed dye & NdYAG combination laser, Coolglide Long Pulsed NdYAG lasers and StarLux Intense Pulsed Light Device) for patients with prominent facial veins.

Laser treatments are typically done at four to eight week intervals. All of these newer devices yield excellent results with little or no bruising or discoloration, and cause minimal discomfort. Usually 3-5 treatments are necessary for maximum results, however benefits are seen with a few sessions.


How long do the results last?
Facial vein treatment results are long lasting, however, most patients slowly form new veins over time.

I have darker skin and tan well, can I still receive treatment?
We can now safely treat tanned and dark skin with the newest, longer wavelength lasers.

How much are treatments for facial veins?
Cost of treatment ranges form $250-$1275 per treatment depending on the number or extent of the veins.