Patient Testimonials

“Dear Dr. Brauer,

Please accept my sincere thank you for a “job” well done.  The improvement that I see has helped so much in my overall appearance and attitude.  Who knew a little Juvederm could go so far?! Your staff is just as wonderful as you are.  I never felt so “welcome” or at ease in a medical setting before.  Everyone is so friendly and helpful; and you are so knowledgeable! I will look forward to any future procedures that you will perform.”*

S.V. Buffalo, NY

I can’t believe it; my legs look great and do not hurt anymore!

After being mislead and improperly treated at a Midwest prestigious hospital, I had lost hope that anything could be done about my veins and the pain in my legs. I was fortunate enough to find Dr. Buscaglia, and The Cosmetic Vein & Laser Center.  I have so much more confidence about getting into a bathing suit, wearing dresses, and yoga pants. Thank you to Dr. Buscaglia, and the team at The Cosmetic Vein and Laser Center. They are great!*

Jodie B.

Once I met and discussed my options for getting rid of my wrinkles with Dr. Buscaglia, I knew the treatments he was suggesting would be right for me,   “A little wrinkle relaxer here and an injection of filler here, here and here” said Dr. Buscaglia in his soothing assuring voice and I was ready. After a few minutes of numbing cream, a stress ball and the promise of “ you’ll only feel a little sting” there was no turning back. To my surprise, having the injections were less painful than having my eyebrows plucked, especially after the anesthetic cream was applied. After about a week I noticed that I looked more calm and self-assured. And after several weeks people started asking me if I had done something different with my hair or did I just get back from vacation?*

Annette L

Everyday I struggled with tired legs.  After my vein treatments with Dr. Brauer at The Cosmetic Vein & Laser Center, my legs don’t get tired anymore.  I am very pleased since I am able to resume all my activities without pain.  The procedure was much easier than I expected. Dr. Brauer and her team made sure that every one of my concerns was addressed.*

Philip D.

I recently had Belotero Balance put in my upper lip to reduce the “lipstick lines” and was so pleased with the results.  Every time I look in the mirror to put on my lipstick I am reminded of how lucky I was to find Dr. Buscaglia and his staff to suggest the right treatment for me.*

Susie F.

I went somewhere else for my varicose vein consult first and did not feel comfortable with that particular office. A friend of mine told me about Dr. Buscaglia and his staff and how satisfied they were with the care they received.  I am now undergoing vein care treatments at The Cosmetic Vein & Laser Center and am experiencing amazing results.  Dr. Buscaglia and the whole team make you feel welcome, comforted and most of all confident in whom you place your trust for vein care. I wouldn’t go anywhere else!*

Beverly W.