Vascular Lesion Laser Treatment

Vascular lesions are comprised of blood vessels that have formed in an abnormal pattern directly underneath the surface of the skin. This usually results in a red or purple lesion since the blood vessels can be visible through the skin. These lesions occur in many sizes, shapes and forms all over the body. These lesions occur in a variety of forms including port wine stains, “broken” capillaries, hemangiomas, and cherry angiomas.  Blue veins around the under eyes can also be treated.  The redness and broken blood vessels of rosacea also fall into this category of vascular lesion laser treatment.

Unfortunately, vascular lesions do not go away by themselves, however, they can be treated by laser therapy.  CVLC utilizes four state of the art laser and light technologies to improve the appearance of vascular  lesions: Pulsed Dye Laser (PDL), Nd:YAG laser, Cynergy Multiplex (combines PDL and Nd:YAG lasers into one pulse), and Sciton Broad Band Light (BBL – and intense pulsed light device).  These lasers use a concentrated beam of light to target the blood vessels that have formed the lesion below the skin. The light projected underneath the skin is converted into heat, destroying the blood vessel while leaving the surrounding skin unharmed. The laser treatment does not cause any long term skin damage.

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