Radiesse® Cosmetic Filler

Radiesse® dermal filler is made of calcium-based microspheres suspended in a water-based gel, and is injected into the skin through a simple and minimally invasive procedure. Radiesse® dermal filler is the ideal choice for total facial contouring. It can restore a healthy, youthful appearance, enhance your existing features, help you defy age and gravity, and increase your confidence – all without invasive surgery or scarring. By replacing our skins volume loss with age, Radiesse® can also improve skin laxity (looseness).


What is Radiesse® dermal filler?
Radiesse® dermal filler is setting a new standard for facial contouring and augmentation. It immediately adds volume to safely contour, correct, and beautify facial features. And it continues to work over time. It has patented microsphere technology and stimulates the body to produce new collagen for a soft, natural look that lasts.

How does Radiesse® dermal filler work?
Radiesse® dermal filler is made of unique, patented, calcium hydroxylapatite (CaHA) microspheres suspended in a water-based gel carrier. When injected into the skin, these microspheres initially perform as a filler – they immediately provide facial volume for a soft, natural look. The transformation is noticeable right away. Over time, your body will gradually absorb the gel carrier, but the very tiny, smooth microspheres remain.

Once injected, Radiesse® stimulates collagen production in your own body and in many cases, results may last up to a year or more.

Is Radiesse® dermal filler safe?
In years of rigorous clinical testing and use by physicians in hundreds of thousands of patients worldwide, Radiesse® dermal filler has been proven to be safe and effective.

How much do the treatments cost?
Treatments vary from $800.00-$2,400.00 per treatment, depending on the number of syringes required.