Pigmented Lesion Laser Treatment

Pigment and Vascular Specific Lasers

Recent advances in laser technology all began because of the historical lack of safe and effective treatment for children with red vascular birthmarks (port wine stains). Prior to the development of “pulsed” lasers, scarring was a real concern. The pulsed dye laser was the first industry standard for treatment of skin and blood vessel problems such as dilated blood vessels, port wine stains, hemangiomas, and facial veins. The subsequent development of longer wavelengths like Alexandrite & NdYAG helped dramatically with the darker red, purple & blue birthmarks and vascular problems. These lasers feel like a rubber band snap on the skin with each pulse, and specifically heat up the tiny blood vessels, without damaging the normal skin. A discoloration may appear temporarily and within a few weeks, the treated lesion improves. With port-wine stains and hemangiomas, multiple treatments are needed.

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Can any area of the body be treated with lasers for birthmarks?
Almost all vascular and pigmented birthmarks on the body respond to laser treatment, however, some areas and types may be more difficult and require multiple treatment sessions.

How long does it take to see the effects from each treatment?
The full effect from each laser treatment is usually not seen for up to 8 weeks or even longer.

What are the side effects from this type of treatment?
These lasers are even safe enough to use on newborn babies with birthmarks. Therefore, in trained hands, there should be no side effects. There may be short-term discoloration that fades after 3-10 days. In darker colored patients, there is a risk of temporary skin color changes.

Can people with darker skin be treated for birthmarks?
We can now treat both dark and tanned skin safely with the latest lasers.

What is the cost for laser treatment of birthmarks?
Cost ranges from $250.00 to $1075.00 per treatment session.