Traditional “Ablative” Laser Resurfacing

Traditional “Ablative” Laser Resurfacing was FDA approved in 1993. Since that time the technique has become quite refined. This treatment quickly became the Gold Standard for facial wrinkle and scar treatment. All resurfacing results are compared to the drastic results of this original.

At The Cosmetic Vein & Laser Center, Dr. Buscaglia has been using both the Ultra Pulse CO2 laser and the Hoya-Con Bio Pulsed Erbium YAG laser. These devices are used in combination to dramatically remove sun damaged and scarred facial skin. Skin tightening also may be a result with continued textural improvement over time. Most patients achieve 10 years of skin age reversal – aging rewind.

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What is the difference between Fraxel re:pair™ CO2 Laser Resurfacing and traditional “Ablative” Laser Resurfacing?
Traditional resurfacing may yield the most dramatic results, but healing time can be up to 10-12 days. Additionally, traditional “Ablative” Laser Resurfacing should be avoided in patients who have dark skin.

How long does it take to heal from Traditional “Ablative” Laser Resurfacing?
Anywhere from 5-12 days followed by a period during which the skin will be pink. Make-up can be used to camouflage the pink color, however, this discoloration may last 3-12 weeks.

What are the side effects of Laser Resurfacing?
The normal healing process includes the 5-12 days of crusting followed by pink skin for 3-12 weeks. Temporary skin pigmentation can occur after resurfacing, and the risk of actual scarring is extremely rare.

What is the cost for Traditional “Ablative” Laser Resurfacing?
Cost is determined by the extent of treatment and can range from $2,500 to $6,000.